Since 1999, the Toyota Tundra has been showing other full-size trucks how it's done, combining legendary Toyota quality and reliability with a tough-as-nails, full-size platform. The 2021 Toyota Tundra might be the best Tundra ever, thanks to features like the only standard V8 engine of any full-size truck: the 5.7-liter, 381-horsepower Endurance V8, providing the muscle behind a maximum towing capacity of over 10,000 pounds.

The 2021 Tundra is one of the most affordable full-size trucks too, and you can have it your way with any of six trim levels. The most luxurious of these is the 2021 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition. With details like standard, saddle-tan two-tone leather, contrast stitching, hand-polished metal accents, a 12-way power driver's seat, 20-inch alloy wheels and real wood, it's the corner office of You, Inc., and a true symbol you have arrived.

But what's going on with the name of the trim: 1794? It's clearly a year, but Toyota Motor Company only dates back to 1937, and has only been selling the bulk of their Toyota lineup since around 1970.

Turns out, the "1794" in the name is in honor of where the Toyota Tundra is built, and an incredible family, born of two worlds, that owned the land before Toyota purchased it 2003.

Like the Toyota Tacoma, the Toyota Tundra is proudly built in San Antonio, Texas, inside the gigantic, two million square-foot Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas assembly plant. That plant currently employs over 2,000 workers, proudly building Toyota trucks for American families just like yours.

That plant is built on land that once belonged to the King of Spain. In 1794, the King of Spain issued a land grant to Spanish nobleman Juan Ignacio de Casanova, gifting him with 4,000 fertile acres along the Medina River in the then-wild territories of the new world. On that land, he founded a large and successful cattle ranch named El Rancho de la Purisima Conception.

Eventually, through hard work, De Casanova and his family would expand the ranch to over 24,000 acres. De Casanova went on to be the Spanish Governor of Texas before his death in 1823.

After Texas became a state in 1836, the massive ranch, which was then run by De Casanova's son, Jose Ignacio Perez, was reduced by order of the Republic of Texas to the original 4,000 acre royal land grant, a fate that befell many ranching families of Spanish heritage after the Texas gained its independence.  Undeterred, De Casanova's family continued to work the land as the JCL Ranch near San Antonio, until it was purchased for the construction of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas in 2003.

In honor of the brave and pioneering spirit of the De Casanova family, the Toyota Tundra's top-level trim is named for the year of the original Spanish Land Grant, which brought the family to the New World and eventually led to them being proud Americans, who safeguarded the land where the Tundra is now built. Their ranching is also why the 1794 Edition features rich, authentic design touches meant to evoke Texas ranches like saddles, polished wood and horse tack.  So now you know!

Here's something else you should know: nobody's going to give you a better deal on a 2021 Toyota Tundra in any of its eight great trims like Steve Landers Toyota of Northwest Arkansas. Come see us today, or check out our full selection of 2021 Toyota Tundra models at our website right now.


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