So, what’s the difference between the Corolla and the Corolla hatchback, anyway? It may seem pretty confusing that Toyota created the Corolla in a sedan and hatchback model, but both models have different benefits for different consumers. As one of Toyota’s most popular models, the Corolla is well-known for its reliability, efficiency and practicality. We at Steve Landers Toyota NWA are big fans of both the sedan and hatchback version, and we’re here to let you know what the big differences are so you can determine which Corolla is best for you! 


Engine and Transmission

The 2020 Corolla sedan is offered with a standard 139 horsepower 1.8-liter engine or an available 168 horsepower 2.0-liter Dynamic Force Engine. The 2020 Corolla Hatchback is equipped with the 2.0-liter Dynamic Force Engine as standard. Both the sedan and hatchback are available with a Dynamic-Shift Continuously Variable Transmission or a six-speed Intelligent Manual Transmission. As for drivetrain, the 2020 Corolla sedan and hatchback are both equipped with front-wheel drive. 


Fuel Efficiency

The Corolla is known for its fuel efficiency, and the hatchback model doesn’t disappoint in this category, either! The Corolla Hatchback fuel efficiency rating is 32 city, 41 highway and 35 combined with the CVT. The Corolla sedan gets 31 city, 40 highway and 34 combined with the 2.0-liter engine and the CVT. 


Exterior and Style


The 2020 Corolla sedan has a sleeker and longer body with sharper lines and sculpted features. The hatchback is several inches shorter, yet has more cargo space due to the hatch. It’s profile is accentuated with curves and sweeping lines. Both have a unique honeycomb mesh grille and sleek, slanted headlights. The Corolla sedan has a lower, more aggressive stance, while the Hatchback has a more subtle, yet striking demeanor. However, on the tail end you’ll see that hatchback’s unique rear window spoiler, signaling it’s thrilling and capable driving experience!



Interior and Technology

When you think of the Corolla, “luxury” probably isn’t the first word that comes to mind. However, the new Corolla and Corolla Hatchback have upgraded, premium interiors that thrill the senses. Both have available leather-trimmed seating and available heated front seats for the most comfortable ride. The Corolla Hatchback has dual-zone automatic climate control to keep you and your cold-blooded front seat passenger happy, and the Corolla has an available moonroof so you can let the fresh air and sunshine in!


As for tech features, both the sedan and hatchback have a standard eight-inch touchscreen with Android Auto, Apple Carplay, Amazon Alexa, Bluetooth connectivity and advanced voice recognition. To stay connected, you can turn your car into a hotspot with Wifi Connect powered by Verizon. Standard on the Corolla and available on the Hatchback, the Smart Key System allows you to unlock your vehicle from the front doors and trunk with your key nearby in your pocket or purse. Once inside, you just need to press the button to start the engine! 


Cargo Capacity

The most obvious difference between the 2020 Corolla and the Corolla Hatchback is cargo space. The 2020 Corolla offers 13 cubic feet of cargo space, while the Corolla Hatchback has 17.8 cubic feet of cargo space. When you fold down one or both the 60/40 folding rear seats, you can haul an impressive volume of cargo in your hatchback! 


Are you ready to buy the 2020 Corolla or Corolla Hatchback in Rogers, AR? We at Steve Landers Toyota NWA are here to help you decide which is best for you! Come by and see us and take them both for a test drive. We’ll see you soon! 

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