Since its earliest days selling vehicles in America, Toyota has been about one thing: giving drivers the best, most reliable, most economical vehicles for the absolute least amount of money. That philosophy has driven Toyota to be both an economic powerhouse and a name that is synonymous with reliability and excellence in engineering and design the world over. Toyota's are affordable, too! But don't take our word for it. Recently, the influential online customer resource Consumer Guide Automotive released their 2021 Automotive Best Buys. Selected through a rigorous testing and evaluation process that has come to be seen as a model for the industry, the Consumer Guide Automotive Best Buy designation is awarded to those vehicles that the editors of Consumer Guide determine offer customers the most performance, style, comfort, features, reliability and economic value in each automotive class.

Consumer Guide has been announcing their Automotive Best Buy Awards every year since 1949, and for the majority of those years, Toyota vehicles have, of course, been well-represented. This year is no different, with six Toyota models, including something for every price range and budget, represented. The 2021 Toyota Models that won 2021 Consumer Guide Automotive Best Buy Awards are:

2021 Toyota Corolla
Vehicle Class: Compact Car
Starting Price: $19.925
Why Consumer Guide Says It's A Best Buy: "[T]he current Corolla lineup is notably more dynamic than before, in terms of both styling and feel behind the wheel. Even though it is only offered in a single lower-line trim, the Hybrid model deserves special mention for its smooth powertrain, excellent fuel economy, and affordable purchase price—its MSRP of $23,500 is around $1000 cheaper than that of the entry-level Toyota Prius."

2021 Toyota Camry
Vehicle Class: Mid-Size Car
Starting Price: #24,970
Why Consumer Guide Says It's A Best Buy: "In recent years, Toyota has successfully imbued the Camry with a bit more spice. While the 2021 Camry is as practical and sensible as ever, it’s really no less dynamic that the rest of its class when properly equipped, and the TRD model is one of the sportiest cars in the segment—and also the most affordable way to get a V6 Camry."

2021 Toyota Avalon
Vehicle Class: Full-Size Sedan
Starting Price: $35,875
Why Consumer Guide Says It's A Best Buy: "With its redesign for the 2019 model year, the Toyota Avalon got a more dynamic attitude and several welcome new features without giving up any of its characteristic smooth-riding demeanor and cabin comfort. The new-for-2020 Avalon TRD upped the ante on the handling front, and the welcome addition of available all-wheel drive for 2021 brings better all-weather traction. The large-sedan segment might be waning in popularity as buyers turn toward crossover SUVs, but the Avalon shows just how good a  traditional big family sedan can be.

2021 Toyota Highlander
Vehicle Class: Mid-Size Crossover
Starting Price: $34,810
Why Consumer Guide Says It's A Best Buy: "Even though it isn’t quite as large as its class-leading three-row competitors, the Toyota Highlander excels at delivering the traits that SUV-buying families want most. It offers fine passenger/cargo room and versatility, decent maneuverability for its size, a comfortable ride, and nicely finished interior with a generous list of standard safety equipment and available technology features. Plus, the excellent Hybrid version boasts standout fuel economy with no significant penalties in comfort or drivability."

2021 Toyota Venza
Vehicle Class: Mid-Size Crossover
Starting Price: $32,420
Why Consumer Guide Says It's A Best Buy: "The revived-for-2021 Venza is one of only five hybrid vehicles available in the mainstream midsize SUV class—the others are the Ford Explorer, Hyundai Santa Fe, Kia Sorento, and Toyota’s own Highlander. The Venza’s excellent fuel economy is a key selling point, but the generous list of standard and available features, comfortable ride, and classy cabin also make the Venza a clear Best Buy pick."

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