Stop Doing These Dangerous Driving Habits

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We’re all guilty of a little bad driving every now and then. If you think about your drive on the way to work in Northwest Arkansas this morning, you’ll likely recall somebody committing an act of reckless driving. It’s irresponsible, dangerous, and, unfortunately, inevitable. 

We at Steve Landers Toyota of Northwest Arkansas know that we can’t get rid of every single bad driver endangering our roads, but we can point out some very common habits that endanger everyone on the road. And if you do any of the following bad habits, it’s time to stop!


This is by far the WORST thing you can do while driving because it’s been proven that it’s more dangerous than driving while inebriated. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, texting and driving is six times more dangerous than driving drunk. 

If you must use your cell phone, take advantage of Bluetooth technology. But we strongly urge you to wait until you arrive at your destination to check your phone.


You’re on the last leg of your journey and pounding coffee and energy drinks, blaring loud music or a podcast to keep yourself awake. Or maybe you’re just trying to get home after a late night and are fighting to keep your eyes open. We’ve all been there, but it’s just not worth it. Instead of endangering yourself and those sharing the road with you, stop for a few shots of espresso, pull off for a power nap or find the nearest motel and turn in for the night. 

If you have must get to our destination, stop and do a few jumping jacks then give your parents, spouse, other family member or friend a call. The quick exercise will get your blood flowing and having something to concentrate on, like an actual conversation, will keep your mind moving. 


Road rage is alive and well among Arkansas drivers and these motorists are putting everyone in danger. A few signs of aggressive driving are:

• Tailgating

• Running a red light

• Speeding through yellow lights

• Passing on the right

• Yelling at other drivers and/or making inappropriate gestures

• Not signaling while switching lanes

Please, please, PLEASE don’t do any of these things. It shouldn’t be hard to be a nice driver and it’s better to be late than end up in a wreck. Or dead.


Even with all the technological advancements in our Toyotas, there’s still plenty to get distracted by. Obviously, these technology features are meant to be used and are now safer than ever thanks to voice recognition software that most Toyotas are equipped with. Still, it’s a good idea to queue up your driving playlist and get directions to your destination before you pull away so you’re not fooling with your nav or Bluetooth while en route. 


We’re all busy and sometimes quick meals are necessary. Everybody eats on the road at one time or another because of the convenience factor, but it’s super distracting. Eating with one hand while the other is on the wheel is a recipe for spilling your drink or dumping your to-go bag in the floorboard, which can cause a wreck if you’re trying to clean up a mess. 

We suggest eating a quick meal before heading out or going inside your chosen fast food joint to sit down and eat before heading back on the road. A 15-minute pit stop could make all the difference. 

Did any of these dangerous driving habits hit home for you? Do your best to rid yourselves of these bad habits so you, your loved ones and those you share the road with will stay safe and secure. 

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