Gift Guide: Accessories for Every Toyota Lover

We all know that one person who is a true Toyota enthusiast in our lives. It isn’t always easy to buy them a gift because you can’t always buy the perfect automotive accessory at normal stores. Lucky for you, we have a vast selection of genuine Toyota accessories available at Steve Landers Toyota NWA, all ready to be wrapped and given to your favorite Toyota lover!

One of the accessories we highly recommend is a set of roof rack cross bars. Cross bars allow for added cargo utility by allowing you to attach various items to the roof of the vehicle. There are attachments for added cargo, or for heavy-duty sporting equipment like kayaks or bikes. The cross bars add a sporty, off-road look to the vehicle. The genuine Toyota cross bars are constructed with a durable, weather-resistant finish, so they'll last for years of hard use.

Another great option for increased utility is adding a trailer hitch to your Toyota truck or SUV. Consider purchasing genuine Toyota trailering accessories, because Toyota engineers spend a lot of time thinking about hitches, and every Genuine Toyota hitch features a vehicle-specific design precisely engineered to help achieve the maximum tow rating. This is accomplished by taking into account the specific model’s frame, engine, transmission and towing capacity, ultimately providing a hitch that enhances the capacity of the entire vehicle.

A set of custom wheels can really make a Toyota stand out. You probably want to buy them because they look so good but there are other benefits to buying genuine Toyota accessory wheels. Genuine Toyota alloy wheels are manufactured to the highest standards, are lighter in weight than standard steel wheels and can improve the overall efficiency of your Toyota’s performance. Toyota engineers have conducted extensive ride, handling and strength tests designed not only to maintain the integrity of the ride and handling characteristics of your Toyota but also to ensure an improved driving performance you can feel and see.

?Have you decided which accessory is best for the Toyota lover in your life? We know it’s hard to decide which one is best. Browse the Toyota accessories catalog or come visit our parts counter to check out all the great gifts we have in stock!
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