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The best way to keep your Toyota in top shape is to bring it in for regularly scheduled maintenance. Whether you are bringing your new Toyota to our service department for one of its ToyotaCare maintenance checks, or your vehicle is several years old and in need of a checkup, our Toyota-certified and trained technicians will perform a multi-point inspection. 

After your visit, your service advisor will provide you with the multi-point inspection sheet, which is a detailed checklist of the items checked and their condition. Next to each item there are three checkboxes in the colors green, yellow and red. Green means the item checked functions as it should. Yellow means the item will need to be replaced or addressed in the future as it’s showing wear. Red means the item needs immediate attention. 

Here’s everything we check during a multi-point inspection:

Brakes, Tires and Alignment

• Front brakes

• Rear brakes

• Alignment

• Front tire depth

• Rear tire depth

• Tire pressure


• Floor mats correctly installed

• Emergency brake adjustment

• Horn operation

• Cabin air filter (if equipped)

• Clutch operations (if equipped)


• Headlights

• Taillights

• Turn signals

• Brake lights

• Hazard warning lights

• Front wiper blade(s) - insert

• Rear wiper blade - insert (if equipped)

Under Vehicle

• Shock absorbers/suspension - front

• Shock absorbers/suspension - rear

• Power steering, hoses, ball joints, dust covers

• Muffler, exhaust pipe, mountings

• Engine oil leaks, fluid leaks

• Drive Shaft (CV) Boot(s), U-joints

• Transmission, differential, transfer case (check fluid levels and check for leaks)

• Fuel lines and fuel line connectors

• Inspect nuts and bolts on body chassis

Under Hood

• Fluid levels: oil, coolant, battery, power steering, brake fluid, washer fluid, automatic transmission

• Engine air filter

• Drive belts

• Engine coolant

• Water hoses, air condition hoses

• Radiator condition

• Battery condition

• Battery service

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