How To Make Your Headlights Shine Again

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Headlights are one of the most important pieces of equipment on your car. Most headlights are made from polycarbonate plastic so the material can become cloudy and foggy over time. Before you go out and purchase a new set, our service team here at Steve Landers Toyota of Northwest Arkansas has a few easy steps for you to restore your headlights.

1. Before you begin the restoration process, the headlights first need to be prepped. This step is crucial in saving you time later and will give better results. First, clean as much of the grime off as you can from the headlights with soap and water or glass cleaner. Once you’ve got them as clean as you can, dry each light with a microfiber towel. They’re very cheap if you don’t own any and great for cleaning in general. Then tape around each headlight – blue painters tape is what we like to use – to protect the paint and the finish. If you’d rather, remove the headlights completely to protect your paint job.

2. Sand it down. Purchase a headlight restoration kit from us, online or from your local auto parts retailer, which will have everything needed to bring the shine back to your headlamps. The kit should include sandpaper to sand off the cloudy plastic. If you’re a real pro, you can use a small electric sander.

3. Seal them up. It’s important the restoration kit includes a UV protectant. Sanding the top layer down removes the haze, but it also removes the outer layer of protection. With the UV protectant provided in your kit, apply a new layer and it will keep your newly-restored headlights free of that murky look. Without this step, in just weeks your headlights will be cloudy again.

That’s it! Once you take a few hours to restore your headlights, you’ll immediately notice the difference when driving at night. 

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