Here’s Why You Should Wash Your Car Regularly

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Unless you have a brand new, washing it isn’t something that’s on your mind often. It rains so often here in Arkansas, that it’s something you think doesn’t need to be done often. Well, even with the rain, there’s just no substitute for a high powered hose and some suds. 

We’ve talked all about the pros and cons of hand washing versus taking your car to a car wash, how to hand wash like a pro and how to protect your car from pollen damage. This week, we’re talking about why taking the time to wash your car, however you choose to do it, is actually important. 

It can preserve your paint job and keep your car looking new. 

The paint on your car isn’t going to last, even with special coatings and sealants, if you don’t take care of it. Washing your car regularly removes the grime, chemicals and dirt that can slowly wear down your car’s paint job. Trust us, it’s just more costly have your car repainted from lack of care than it is to pay or take the time to wash it regularly. 

Plus, if you plan on selling your car or trading it in for a newer model in the future, you’ll be glad you took the time to get regular washes as it will help retain some value. 

Rust? No such thing if you wash. 

If you don’t regularly wash your car, rust can build up on the car’s body and undercarriage. The chemicals, debris and dirt that can mess up your paint can also cause rust and corrosion. 

Whether you use a self-service car wash, automatic wash, a hose in your driveway or pay someone to detail it, make time to clean your car and it will serve you well. 

When you look better, you feel better. 

The same goes for your car. A clean car, inside and out, will make you feel better and it will keep your vehicle looking as it did the day you bought it. For some, a dirty car is a source of anxiety, so why not eliminate that stress altogether? 

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