How to Protect Your Car from Pollen Damage

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Spring has sprung and while we’re loving the warmer weather and wearing short sleeves for the first time in months, we’re about to go to war on pollen. This is the time of year when it seems like our cars turn yellow because they’re so covered with pollen. 

Pollen doesn’t just reek havoc with people’s allergies, but it can also damage car paint. We’ve got a few suggestions of how to protect your vehicle’s paint job from pollen damage. 

1. Wash your car. We know, this seems pretty simple, but it’s crucial to preventing pollen damage. The kicker is you can’t just use water. You have to wash your car with water AND soap to get it really clean and remove all the pollen. If you only use water, the pollen’s acidity will be activated, leaving pollen stains on your shiny paint. 

2. Finish with wax. Waxing your car leaves a strong protective layer to keep pollen from sticking. This means you won’t have to fully wash your vehicle every day, because nobody has time to spend at the car wash every day. 

3. Don’t park under trees. We know, this one is going to be the hardest out of our tips because there are trees EVERYWHERE here in Arkansas. Our trees bombard us with so much pollen, so if you can help it, park in areas that aren’t directly under or surrounded by trees. Parking in the shade keeps your car interior cool, but try parking in the sun until the pollen is no longer in the air disappears. 

Let us know if you try these tips and they work for you! What are your tips for keeping your car clean during pollen season?

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