Washing Mud Off Your Toyota Truck

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Taking your Tacoma or Tundra mudding is a right of passage for any truck owner. It’s one of the funnest parts of owning a truck and hitting the trails. 

We love mudding as much as anyone, but we at Steve Landers Toyota of Northwest Arkansas know that washing it off quickly is the key to protecting your car’s paint job. We came up with a few tips for you to get your car squeaky clean after mudding. 

Pressure wash it. 

As soon as you get home from your latest adventure, take out the pressure washer. Doing this asap prevents the mud from sticking to your Toyota like super glue. Borrow a pressure washer if you don’t have one. But they’re a great investment, so you should get one for yourself. This is the best way we’ve found for getting that putter layer of mud off. Plus you can rinse off your driveway after. 

Get out the soap. 

After pressure washing, the next step is to give your car a good scrub. Get a bucket of soapy water and a microfiber cloth or mitt to clean your Toyota. Use the microfiber in straight lines, and avoid using circular motions because that can scratch your paint. Once it’s clean, use a leaf blower to quickly dry your car. If you don’t have one, blot your Toyota dry with a microfiber towel. 


If you’re not satisfied with the way your Tacoma or Tundra looks when done, repeat the first two steps. Give your truck a final once over with the pressure washer when you’re done if you’d like. To give your truck that extra shine, give it a wax to finish the process off. 

Prep for next time. 

We know this won’t be the last time your Toyota gets muddy, and there are a few things you can do beforehand to make your cleanup easier after. Spray Armor All around the body of your Toyota as well as the underside. It won’t keep your car from getting muddy, but it will make washing it off easier.

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