Toyota FT-4X Concept

615 × 435
Toyota wanted to create something for the millennials who are always ready to go anywhere on a whim to get away from their city lives. After a lot of research and surveying Gen Y-ers, Toyota’s Calty Design Research in Newport, California came up with the FT-4X, or “Future Toyota”-Four-Wheel-Drive crossover concept. 

It’s super versatile, has a ton of utility and can do anything you’d ever want an SUV to do. 


The FT-4X is compact, has sturdy dimensions and takes into account the need for tactility in controls, handles and grips. The rear of the vehicle is the focal point of that designed. 

Researchers found the tailgate or hatch was important to Gen Y, so they created the Multi-Hatch. It’s a liftgate that opens up two different ways, horizontally in Urban Mode and vertically in Outdoor Mode. Urban Mode splits the hatch in half, which makes for easier curbside loading when there’s not much room. Outdoor Mode allows for the one-piece hatch to open upward like a normal hatch, giving shelter from the elements if needed. The door also has a rotatable handle to allow users to select the opening mode from the rear of the vehicle. 
615 × 435


There’s large open space in the interior behind the front two seats, to haul whatever gear you have. The cabin of the FT-4X is sectioned into three separate areas: Clean Zone, Wet Zone and Rear Cargo Zone. 

• Clean Zone

The Clean Zone is where the front passengers sit and there are rugged floor mats and door sills. On the dash in front of the front passenger, there’s a large blue chest that “floats” above a carved orange bin with air vents on either side. 

• Wet Zone

The Wet Zone is located just behind the front seats and below the rear second-row bench seat. It’s where passengers can stow muddy boots, wet clothing or damp swim/snow suits.

• Cargo Zone

The Cargo Zone consists of the rear of the vehicle. There is a deep storage compartment under the Cargo Zone’s floor, and it’s accessible by sliding the floor out toward the Multi-Hatch, converting the floor into a large tray. 
615 × 435


On top of the center console, there’s a folded The North Face sleeping bag that acts as an arm rest. For even more storage, the center console can fold upward.

The interior blue door handles serve as water bottles, and there’s a rear ceiling-mounted light above the headliner that doubles as a flashlight. The multimedia audio system in the dash is removable and has an extra-large grip. There’s no center stack screen for navigation because the FT-4X has been engineered with a smartphone mount above the digital cylindrical instrument cluster. With a downloadable navigation app, as well as one that shows digital off-road instrumentation, there’s no need for a touchscreen. 

The FT-4X can truly do it all and it’s one crossover that we’re really hoping goes into production.